The Contig control panel

The Contig control panel is a dialog box that displays information about all open contigs and provides access to some of the more common contig functions.  TheContig control panel consists of a list of all contigs in the current project and commands (action buttons) that can be applied to the contigs.  The Contig control panel is displayed automatically after contig assembly, and can be accessed at any time from the Contig menu.

The Contig list
Lists all contigs in the current project.

  • Name: Name of the contig.
  • Length: Length of the contig.
  • Fragments: Number of sequence fragments contained by the contig.
  • Ambiguities: Number of ambiguous columns remaining the contig.

Buttons with commands that apply to the contig highlighted in the Contig list.

  • Export consensus: Save the consensus sequence to file.
  • Export sequences: Save the sequences of a contig to a multiple sequence file.
  • Edit ambiguities: Run the Ambiguity finder on the selected contig.
  • BLAST consensus: Submit the consensus sequence to the BLAST server (read more).