GeneStudio's SeqVerter provides an easy way to interconvert sequence file formats and combine sequences from different files into new files. SeqVerter's Viewers provide formatted views of sequence data.

Sequence selection list
The Sequence selection list is a list view containing the names of all opened sequences.

  • Checkboxes beside sequences names are used to select sequences for export.
  • Information about each sequence displayed in the list includes:
    • Name - name of the sequence.
    • Def - definition line of the sequence.
    • Type - type of the sequence (nucleic acid or amino acid).
    • Size - length of the sequence.
    • File - name of the file containing the sequence.
    • Format - format of the file containing the sequence.
  • Sequences can be added to the list using drag-and-drop from the File list, or by using the import function.
  • Sequences in the list may be opened from many different source files simultaneously.
  • Clicking a sequence name will highlight it and the information about the sequence will be displayed in the Viewers window.

List commands
The toolbar Select all, Deselect all and remove all buttons apply to sequences in the Sequence selection list.

  • Select all - select all sequences for export.
  • Deselect all - deselect all sequences for export.
  • Remove all - remove all sequences from the list.

File commands
The toolbar includes the Import, Split and Merge buttons

  • Import - uses the standard Open file dialog box to select one or more sequence file to open.
  • Merge - export the selected sequences to a multiple-sequence file.
  • Split - export the selected sequences to single-sequence files.